Nordic Walking Yorkshire

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Check out our Google Calendar for courses for those new to Nordic Walking, and sessions for more experienced Nordic Walkers (below). You can pay by cash, cheque, or Paypal (buttons below).

Courses for those NEW to Nordic Walking

Beginners' Workshop

Experience Nordic Walking for the first time within our regular groups; you will be introduced to the basic techniques of Nordic Walking and enjoy a fabulous whole body workout.

Session lasts just over an hour; cost £15.00 (pole hire included).

One-on-one Session

We focus on your aims, at your pace and your chosen day/time to learn Nordic Walking techniques and prepare you to Nordic Walk on your own or with a group.

1 hour for £35.00, or £40.00 for two people sharing (pole hire included).

New Package - Great gift idea!
Beginners' Workshop with new Nordic Walking poles to keep

The easy way to get Nordic Walking - especially designed for participants who are not able to attend our regular Nordic Walking classes.
Receive your own brand new Nordic Walking poles.

A thorough grounding in correct and safe Nordic Walking technique, packed with lots of information about the health benefits of Nordic Walking.

After completing the 1½ hour workshop you will be confident to use Nordic Walking as an efficient whole body workout.
Cost £55.00

Regular Nordic Walking Sessions in Ilkley

For those who have completed the beginner/taster workshop and experienced Nordic Walkers.

With professional guidance and teaching from your Nordic Walking instructor whilst exploring the Ilkley countryside.